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Tunisia gets ready for intervention in Libya

Marzouki: Any military intervention in Libya will be of the most stupid decisions - Internet

The Tunisian government announced forming regional committees in the south eastern governorates in case military intervention is carried out in Libya.

Media reports say that the committees will work with the national committee to prepare for any new developments in Libya.

The former Tunisian President, Munsef Marzouki, said that any military intervention in Libya will be of the most stupid decisions to take with the highest humanitarian, economic and political cost.

He added that Tunisia will receive huge waves of wounded and refugees due to a decision that will cost the west and the region a lot.

Marzouki, through his Facebook page, refused any sort of western military intervention in Libya, wondering how major powers can have intelligence agencies and research centers.

Marzouki said that Tunisia will be the greatest victim of the intervention in Libya, while the second will be the image of the west that became more connected than ever in the minds of Arab youth to military missions in Arab and Muslim countries; then the third is the national security of the west.

He adds that Western countries entrenches in the minds of the younger generations the image the IS aims at as the new crusaders. He noted that if the intervention happens, it will be the royal gift from the West to the IS, stressing that the only solution is to “strengthen the Libyan state and aid the entire region economically to finally stand on its own feet, and leave the population solve their problems including security, because the inner people know best”.

Marzouki addressed Tunisians saying that “we have no choice but standing together and face the upcoming storm”.