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Tunisia and Russia discuss their plans in Libya

The IS is the main crisis in Libya - Internet

The Tunisian Foreign Minister, Khamees Al-Ghenawy, renewed his country’s refusal for military intervention in Libya.

Al-Ghenawy said in a press statement that Tunisia doesn’t mind an intervention any major powers, as long as Tunisia is notified to take its measures on humanitarian level concerning refugees’ influx and security level.

“We are keen on the security of Libya. Tunisia currently provides all the right conditions to find a solution to this crisis”, he added. “A national committee met, on Tuesday in the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to prepare a strategic plan in anticipation of any scenario that could happen in Libya.” He said.

In another development, the Russian ambassador in Libya, Ivan Moltkov, expressed his country’s readiness to export military tools and other aid to combat the Islamic State (IS), once the Government of National Accord (GNA) is seated.

Moltkov said in a press statement, on Wednesday, that Moscow has recognized the GNA and supported UN Security Council resolution in this regard.

He elaborated that the return of Russian companies to Libya and new deals depend on the situation in the country.