Home Reports Abushagur: Regionalism of PC affects the GNA formation

Abushagur: Regionalism of PC affects the GNA formation


The member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Mustafa Abushagur, said that the regionalism controls the Presidency Council (PC) had casted its effect on the formation of the government that will suffer the same division and regionalism.

Abushagur said on his Facebook page, on Thursday, that the PC is having difficulties in forming the government, due to lack of communication amongst its members. He added that regions are used as a plea against the ministerial formation and refusing the outputs of the political agreement.

He asserted the importance of accelerating the announcing of the ministerial formation, noting that there is no enough time. He also noted that the Libyan people only care about their case of suffering, not about the regional affiliates of government members; Libyans suffer from high prices and lack of financial resources. They care about regionalism or tribalism.