Home News Unbiased forces enter Ubari to dissolve clashes

Unbiased forces enter Ubari to dissolve clashes


Unbiased military forces from Al-Hsawna tribe were deployed in Ubari, south Libya, which have witnessed clashes between Tabu and Tuareg tribes since over a year. A military source said that the forces will continue deployment in its defined locations till Wednesday.

The source, who didn’t want to be identified, said that forces of the conflicting tribes will retreat from its locations as stipulated in the deal signed in Qatar last December.

Tuareg tribe called on Ubari residents to support the agreement and not to believe rumors and people who have their own agenda.

Forces are reported to be deployed to down town, the educational building and the administrative complex, which was controlled by armed tribesmen.

The forces of Al-Hsawna started entering Ubari since last Saturday through Ubari-Sebha road.