Home News Families flee Sirte fearing operations against IS

Families flee Sirte fearing operations against IS


A collective deliberate displacement is ongoing in Sirte, a stronghold of the Islamic State group (IS) in fear of expected military operations against the group, Alwasat website reported.

Local sources said that scores of families left the city on Tuesday to areas of Al-Jufra, Sebha, and Waddan in south of Sirte, while others moved to Abu-Njeam, Abu-Grean in Misrata, Zliten and Al-Khoms, west Sirte.

Hundreds of families had left the city due to deterioration of security, living conditions and health care.

Residents of Sirte face a spike in prices of food and lack of finances, which led to closure of banks since over 7 months, in addition to control of the IS that practices abductions and beheadings in the city.