Home Reports Tunisia reinforces military presence across Libyan borders

Tunisia reinforces military presence across Libyan borders


The Tunisian government reinforced its military and security presence on borders with Libya, with the increased risk of the Islamic State (IS), and amid reports of close airstrikes against the group inside Libya.

The government said, Tuesday in a statement, that after security meeting with interior minister, defense minister, and military and security advisors, that terrorist threats and dangers surrounding national security require deep awareness and vigilance.

According to the statement, the meeting discussed Libyan security situation and possible consequences, in the light of the Islamic State expansion and attempts of terrorist elements to infiltrate inside Tunisia.

Tunisia announced, last Saturday, that building the anti terrorist fence along Libyan borders, including trenches, 250 km, is to stop arms smuggling and terrorists.

Tunisia shares 500 km borders with Libya. The fence links Ras Ejdair and Deheba, the only two cross points with Libya.