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The economical patriotism


By: Ibrahim Mousa Grada*

In the shadows of severe reduction in states resources around

Ibrahim Mousa Grada
Ibrahim Mousa Grada

75% (fall in oil prices by 70% and oil production roughly by 80%). As economy is about numbers not words; we are ahead of crucial options amid dangerous political and economic crisis that stresses the state and its ability to do its role, that severely affects people’s lives, especially the middle class who are the vast majority.

There are only 2 options; either deliberate interaction to ease the negative effects or the economy will be a mill that knows no mercy and listens to no screams for help.

The first key step is immediately ending the political paralysis and overcoming the legislative and executive confusion and division by starting the work of the Government of National Accord, (GNA), with no delays.

Any carelessness will be very expensive; any excuses are luxury to the catastrophic suffer of Libyan families. Economy doesn’t wait and has no mercy.

It is also important to exit the devil argument circle, by delaying arguments and political mobilization even for a while, and by stopping wasting time on the past and its mistakes that can not be corrected, and then by stopping the continuity of those mistakes in our present and future.

Since controlling revenues is connected to oil prices and production, that is hard to control or predict; the available option is controlling the public expenses and consumption.

There are 2 routes:

1.2- The first route is within the competencies of the legislative and executive authorities. This requires accelerating the tasks of the GNA through (economic, financial, and monetary) management about public spending and trade balance. This requires endorsing and executing a real budget that utilizes the limited and volatile resources, saving public expenses as much as possible through minimizing expenditures: reforming and merging state’s inner and outer institutions, regulating salaries, developing subsidies, reducing imports, transparency and corruption monitoring, rearranging priorities of spending, and reducing waste. (Along with doubling revenues of investment, taxes and of customs).

These are general measures of extreme priority on the tasks list that need urgent measures and decision that need national united authority to make and follow. These tasks won’t be easy for the government but tough and tiring, they may draw criticism to the extent of campaigns, but all sacrifices are made for citizen, nation and economy.

2.2- The other route is the patriotism, the corner stone. Every citizen should come forward and contribute according to his ability to ease the crisis before it turns into a catastrophe.

There are patriotic tests and option on the line like:

    • – Political, diplomatic, administrative leaders volunteer to lower their salaries and expenses.
    • – Initiative by business men and traders to pay their taxe
    • – Respect of citizens to national numbers and refusing double jobs.
    • – No aggression on public funds and properties
    • – High and university students inside Libya and out, should study well and come to their homeland-even for a while- this applies to students on the expense of Libya abroad, after receiving their certificates.
    • – Any gun holder should think of the impact of his bullet on the nation and economy before firing it.
    • – Every citizen should know that any wasted bread loaf, lamb or liter of fuel costs a lot.
    • – Casting aside extravagance and social flaunt.
    • – Thinking all about what can be presented to the nation before taking; do we have the ability to give?

Don’t forget that it is economy, so that the nation doesn’t forget us. Don’t forget economy, so it won’t forget us. It is the nation, its dignity, sovereignty, and economy.

*A Libyan Writer and Diplomat

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source