Home News Obama and Mattarella discuss ways of aiding GNA

Obama and Mattarella discuss ways of aiding GNA


The American President, Barack Obama, and his Italian counterpart, Sergio Mattarella, met on Monday to discuss ways to curb the spread of the Islamic State group (IS) in Libya and migration flows arriving from there.

Deliberations were ongoing concerning possibility of military action against the IS in Libya. Last week, Obama directed his national security team to bolster counterterrorism efforts in Libya, Military Times reported.

Both presidents discussed supporting the Government of National Accord (GNA). “That will allow us then to help them build up their security capacity and to push back against effort by the IS to gain a foothold”, Obama said.

Italy has said it would take the international lead in providing security support to Libya, along with help from America.

Several countries expressed readiness to fight the IS in Libya upon request of the GNA once seated.