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New details about targeting Dignity Operation plane


An informed source said that the Dignity Operation plane that fell on Monday was targeted by Ansar Al-Sharia, by groups 23, 14 and 5 at 4.30pm, located at the exit near Masiaf 1805 and the sports city stadium.

The source added that the plane was targeted on its way, flying low, towards the mountain on its way to Labraq air base, 70 km west Derna. It was shot and fell near Sidi-khaled area, west Derna.

The pilot, Younis Al-Denaly, jumped off the plane and survived the crash.

Ansar Al-Sharia group previously claimed downing the plane.

In another development, witnesses say that the unidentified planes targeted areas in Derna on Monday morning, a day after similar strikes that killed 4 persons and was claimed by no one.

The new strikes targeted the neighborhood of 400. Death toll wasn’t uncovered by eyewitnesses or media reports.