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HoR and PC demand of extending the GNA time limit


A member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Abdulmonem Belkoor, said that the HoR will consider the demand of the Presidential Council (PC) to extend the deadline for presenting the government formation in a full quorum session.

The first government formation was refused by the HoR in its session, on 31st January, and demanded the PC to form a government of 10 members rather than 32.

Another HoR member, Esam Al-Gehany, said that the extension demand presented by the Presidential Council is a legal violation.

Al-Gehany explained, according to the political agreement, that the time limit can’t be extended again, as it will clear the road for more controversy over more amendments in the political agreement. He expected the new time limit, if the HoR granted it, to end before presenting solutions.

The post of defense ministry became an issue lately, too. Al-Gehany said to Al-Ghad channel that the HoR believes freezing the ministry temporarily is a solution for the conflict over it. The solution suggests that the Government of National Accord (GNC) can assign a military leader for any area that becomes vulnerable to terrorism.

A member of the talks’ team, who refused to be identified, said that the team asked the head of the PC to name the minister of defense that is the greatest draw back in the present.

The member said that the pro-Haftar deputy, deputy chief of the PC, Ali Al-Qatrany, refuses naming Al-Mahdy Al-Barghathy for the ministry.

In case Al-Barghathy nomination failed, there will be other plans, according to the source. He said that moving the ministry’s powers to the Presidency Council or to the head of the PC, Fayez Al-Sarraj. Naming Al-Barghathy or moving powers to the PC were the closest to reality according to him.

The source said that the talks’ participants who signed the agreement insist on not leaving the ministry chair empty.

The parties of the talks will convene to endorse the government in case the HoR refused the formation, he stated.

The source explained that the deputy chief of the PC, Fathy Al-Majbary, suggested Al-Barghathy to be the minister and the military attaché at Libya’s embassy in the Emirates, Salem Joha, to be the head of staff, in addition to forming a supreme committee under the army headed by Haftar.

According to the source, talks’ participants refuse any existence of Haftar in the Libyan government, as it hinders the government’s access to Tripoli, they believe.

He believed that striking Derna by unidentified planes aimed at aborting the political agreement or accepting Haftar as a part of the political equation. He explained that accepting Haftar in the scene means moving the government to Al-Baida, as it will be refused in Tripoli and west Libya.