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GNC discusses an initiative for constitution


The General National Congress (GNC) discussed, in its Sunday session, a proposal by the national consensus council that suggests forming a committee by the GNC and the House of Representatives (HoR), to modify the modified constitution of 1963 and install it instead of the constitution drafting committee, given it failed in its mission.

Abdulqader Al-Hwely said that the initiative stipulates electing an interim government through indirect polling after amending the constitution in December. He added that the GNC postponed voting on this initiative for next Tuesday session to allow more time for studying it.

Al-Hwely explained that in case the initiative wasn’t approved, then there will be an alternative plan that states amending the GNC to include the eastern representatives, new presidency, and early elections based on the suggested constitution amendment.

He confirmed that the HoR accepted the initiative and nominated 7 members.

In another context, Al-Hwely said that it was scheduled for Monday’s session to host the executive director of the electricity company, he was requested to explain reasons of his absence.