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Condemnations of bombing Derna



Derna municipal council denounced “savage attacks” targeted kidney department at Wehda hospital and Bab Tobruk, and left four dead including a child. It said all bodies and entities of the Libyan state bear responsibility of the attacks against civilians, and demanded all factions to quit such irresponsible acts.

Derna Revolutionaries Shura Council said, in a statement, that “supporters of Dignity Operation, who are accomplices with the Islamic State (IS), are responsible for the attacks”.

It added “such situation puts Dignity Operation into charge, and suggests that they are who specify the location of Murabetine and give it to outside backers, especially that bombings coincided with the IS operation in Al-Fatayeh axis”.

Air forces operation commander, affiliate to Dignity Operation, Mohamed Manfour, denied their knowledge of recent bombings in the city.

Derna Revolutionaries Shura Council field, commander Saad Terra, denied the presence of any stationing point or storage location for ammunition and weapons inside the buildings of the medical technical faculty in Bab Tobruk.

He said, Monday, all armaments and operations are planned outside Derna, all strike coordinates were specified from inside the city by people affiliated to Dignity Operation.

Terra stressed they emptied all locations, as they anticipated foreign airstrikes, pointing that “previous US airplanes flew over our camps and bombed locations of the Islamic State targeting specific coordinates”.

He added that airstrikes at Bab Tobruk coincided with their preparations to end Al-Fatayah confrontations with the Islamic State (IS) after number of IS elements surrendered to Derna Shura Council.

In Tripoli, the General National Congress denounced the attacks, adding “it is not the first time 17th February battalions are targeted”. It vowed to support revolutionaries against “terrorism and coup”.

Tripoli defense ministry stressed its support to “Derna revolutionaries who face outside terrorism coming from the south”.

Also, Justice and Construction party condemned all criminal acts across Libyan cities, including bombing of Derna that left dead and injured.

It demanded the Presidential Council (PC) to level up to its historical responsibility, and appealed all Libyan parties to implement the political agreement.

United Nations special envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, said that he is extremely worried about air raids that left dead in Derna.

From his side, the member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Fathy Bash-Agha, condemned the air strikes on Derna on Sunday, calling on all officials to uphold their national responsibilities and not to allow any harm to the independence and sovereignty of Libya.

Bash-Agha, through his Facebook page, stressed the importance of unity against challenges.

He also called on the Presidency Council (PC) to meet its national commitments and prove its eligibility it earned.

Unidentified planes held air strikes on several locations in Derna city, which caused the killing of four persons, including a mother and her child.