Tunisian’s hospitals prepare for military action in Libya


    Regional hospital in Tunisian Tataween city, near Libyan borders, is applying procedures to deal with different possible injuries of 15 elements, due to armed disputes across eastern borders or due to sever accidents in what is dubbed “white operation”, according to the head of emergency medicine and crisis committee Dr. Adel Bannour.

    The hospital allocated 12 doctors, 38 nurses and technicians, 5 ambulance cars and car for urgent medical assistance to secure the medical training that aims to “organize work of the medical staff and the distribution of injured”, according to Bannour.

    From his side, the head of logistical department at Doctors of The World organization, Mesbah Ghars Allah, said that the training is attended by Belgium war surgeries expert, falls under its programs started 30 January till 7 February in Mednin and Tataween provinces.

    Tunisian authorities fear influxes of injured in case of western military intervention in Libya.

    Tunisian President, Baji Qaid Essebsi, warned against any military intervention in Libya; while the Foreign Minister, Khamis Alaghinawa, stressed, during his meeting with Martin Kobler, the need for prior consultations with Tunisia concerning such decision.