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The ISC begins its arrangements to secure Tripoli

ISC: All weapons and stationing points must be outside Tripoli to at least 50 km - Internet


Leaked information from inside Interim Security Committee (ISC), formed under a decision from the Presidential Council (PC), said that the ISC started its arrangements to secure the capital Tripoli, according to report by Libyaschannel TV (translated by LIBYAPROSPECT).

The ISC is tasked to put primary arrangements to implement article 34 of the Political Agreement, oversee and implement adequate plans for security entities to secure the capital Tripoli in coordination with related bodies, approve work mechanisms and engagement rules of army and police forces, beside other tasks specified by the PC, according to the report.

Libyaschannel said security that the ISC president, col. Abdel Rahman Al-Taweel, and all members, 18 officers, reached tentative deal with most armed groups inside the capital, 80% agreed to allow the unity government to work from Tripoli and commit to the government’s decisions.

Agreement between the ISC and armed groups leaders stated that selected officers would join operations to secure Tripoli, as individuals not battalions, and to be assigned and deployed by the ISC.

The ISC stated that the ones who will join the ISC, to secure Tripoli, must be totally disassociated from any armed groups and that all groups must remove all weapons and stationing points outside the administrative capital to at least 50 km. Forces securing Tripoli to be composed of 1000 elements from Tripoli military region and 500 elements from rest areas.

According to Libyaschannel, previous procedures would be temporarily for specified period, until defense ministry starts its work and finish rebuilding the national army. Capital protection forces to last till the activation of police stations and security forces, to be abel to secure the capital and protect state institutions and end the chaotic situation.