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Dabbashi becomes Vice-President of UNICEF executive board


The Executive Board of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) elected, Tuesday, the Libyan ambassador to the UN, Ibrahim Dabbashi, as the vice president of the executive council, Libya’s representative is to hold the post till the end of 2016.

Dabbashi said that the executive council of the UNICEF consists of 36 nations, and responsible for activities carried out by the organization for children, approve the general politics and regional programs.

Libya is a member at the executive council for three years, starting this year.

Dabbashi made speech in the name of African group in the first session of the council, confirmed the vital role of UNICEF in insuring children’s rights and providing their needs, eliminating poverty and achieve sustainable development in Africa.

Dabbashi commended the role of UNICEF in combating HIV (AIDS) and Ebola in west Africa. He pointed to challenges faced by UNICEF is responding to different crisis all over the world.

Libya’s representative welcomed progress made in the implementation of UNICEF strategic plan 2014-2017, asked all governments and civil society institutions to take decisive steps to provide opportunities for survival and development for all children without any discrimination.