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PC receives official letter from HoR


The press advisor for the head of the Presidency Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord, Fathy Bin Essa, said, in a statement that LIBYAPROSPECT received, the PC officially received letter from the House of Representatives (HoR), dated 31 January 2016, includes HoR’s decision refusing to endorse the cabinet reshuffle, asking to reform the unity government within ten days and reducing number of ministers.

He added that “the HoR didn’t specify number of ministers for the council to abide by, nor any notes about ministerial personals”.

The PC is working to reform the government taking into account observations made by the HoR, Bin Essa said.

Ghannouchi hails the leap crossed by Libyans

on another hand, the leader of the Tunisian Annahdha movement, Rashed Ghannouchi, hailed the leap crossed by Libyans in the consensus path, in a phone call with the Prime Minister Fayez Al-Sarraj.

An official statement that LIBYAPROSPECT received, stated that Ghannouchi expressed readiness to present support to Libyans and showed support for the presidency Council.

“No stability can be reached in Libya without a conversation that gathers all Libyans excluding no one”, he stated.

Al-Sarraj also welcomed Ghannouchi’s gestures, the statement added.