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Libya between political solution and military intervention

Brushed: Libya suffers weakness in the financial resources and the sagging state institutions since 2011 - Internet

The Libya’s permanent representative to the Arab League, Ashour Burashed said that the chances for military intervention in Libya is feeble, confirming the political solution is the only option.

Burashed stressed, Monday, that the political solution, formation of Government of National Accord (GNA) and maintain state institutions is the only way to get out of the current crisis.

“Libya suffers weakness in the financial resources and the sagging state institutions since 2011, beside the proliferation of arms which increased terrorism” Burashed said.

In Britain, Downing Street is waiting to see whether peace efforts succeed before joining US and France in calling for intervention, said the Guardian.

Guardian said that the British decision to join western military intervention in Libya depends on whether long-running efforts to form a viable Libyan national unity government will succeed in the coming weeks.

The British Minister of defense didn’t confirm media reports about sending 1000 troops to Libya to train local forces.

According to the Guardian, The Pentagon and the French government mounts pressure for direct military action against the Islamic State (IS) inside Libya.

Downing Street said on Monday that no decisions had been taken regarding British troops, and fended off questions about whether they would be deployed in a combat or training role.

But any military intervention against the IS will be limited, it wouldn’t warrant House of Commons authorization, who oppose any new military intervention after the military campaign in 2011.

US has sent special forces elements to the area to navigate military options to drive the IS away from Sirte. The group said to has about 3000 fighters inside Libya, and mounted its bloody attacks against oil installations during the past weeks.

Last week, the Italian Defense Minister, Roberta Pinotti, said that Italy is considering joining military efforts against the IS, western powers would only intervene when asked by Libyan authorities.

The French Defense Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said that there was an urgent need for a political solution in Libya, adding “there must be a national unity government. There is a serious political process under way, supported by the UN Security Council. It is urgent”.