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A coordinative union between Tamazight, Tabu and Tuareg


The Supreme Council for Libya’s Tamazight and the boycotting Tabu and Tuareg representatives at the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) announced forming a coordinative union to unite the 3 actors.

In a statement issued on Saturday, they announced that they won’t accept a constitution that failed to gain all Libyans’ consensus. It added that the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, UNSMIL, excluded Tamazight, Tabu and Tuareg from participating in the political talks, “which had its effect on the Political Agreement’s outputs”, it stated.

The boycotting assembly member, Tabu representative, Khaled Wahly, said that the union was formed due to dominance of exclusion feelings on Tabu, Tuareg, and Tamazight, though they are Libya’s aboriginals.

The rapporteur in the 6os committee, Nadia Omran, expressed surprise of forming such union and its proactive refusal to the constitution. She added that Tamazight didn’t take part in the assembly’s elections.

Omran was surprised by Tuareg’s participation in the union, while their demands of having the state’s name free of any factional distinction and the necessity of asking for their opinion in the event of changing the state’s flag or national anthem are being discussed.