Home Reports Algeria and Egypt step up security cooperation about Libya

Algeria and Egypt step up security cooperation about Libya


Algerian security source said, Sunday, his country and Egypt established hotline between the two ministries of defense to exchange security information about field developments inside Libya, especially moves of armed groups.

Source said, to Anadolu News Agency, that Algeria and Cairo “exchange intelligence about developments inside Libya. Algeria is committed to provide utmost level of information about situation in the western region, and Egypt is to provide intelligence about armed groups affiliated to Islamic State (IS) in the east”.

“officials in both countries agreed to step up military and security cooperation to fight the Islamic State group (IS) inside Libya”, sources said.

Algerian security expert, Khair Edinn Younisy, said that the information exchange between Egypt and Algeria about Libya never stopped, but both sides accelerated the operation, which confirms the seriousness of situation inside Libya and that western military intervention is very close.

“Situation in Libya is very ambiguous. Sometimes major media corporations get inaccurate information about Libya, that’s why neighboring countries decided to step up security and intelligence cooperation to get full accurate information”, Younisy said.