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The western military action choice still in mind

Merkel and Renzi agree on the necessity of stability in Libya - Internet


Libya and the presence of the Islamic State group (IS) seem to continue attracting western countries’ attention, while hesitation controls their stances concerning intervention in Libya to stop the spread of the group and help settling peace and stability.

Several western countries expressed their readiness to intervene in Libya against the IS in the event of demands by the Government of National Accord (GNA), but none assured its intentions to intervene along with their remarks of its importance in fighting the IS.

The American President, Barack Obama, said on Thursday that US is ready to follow the IS’ terrorists wherever they are, even in Libya if needed. The Pentagon said that it is keeping a close eye on Libya.

On Friday, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the Italian Foreign Minister, Matteo Renzi, agreed on the necessity of stability in Libya and stopping fighting and chaos.

In a meeting for the national security council, Obama stressed that America will continue its efforts to face the IS in any country they exist, he ordered his national security team to continue efforts to settle wise governance and aid fighting terrorism in Libya.

The American Defense Minister, Ashton Carter, earlier said that his country hasn’t decided on taking military action in Libya. “The Pentagon is viewing options for steps can be taken in the future”.

Merkel said that security forces in Libya must be strengthened, so that they are able to face terrorist groups. In a meeting with Renzi it was agreed that both countries have interest in Libya’s stability and maintaining Libyan institutions and keeping the country from breakdown.

She uncovered that Germany and Italy intend to train Libyan security forces in Tunisia.

Amid speculation about French’s stance concerning intervention in Libya, the French chief of staff said that the army is working with its full resources and any new operation will require cutting resources off current operation or increasing allocations.

He added that war doesn’t always bring peace referring to Iraq, saying that strategy and goal must be placed before talking about new operations.