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Dar Al-Ifta refuses UNSMIL’s comments on constitution


Dar Al-Ifta refused the comments by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) on the first constitutional draft that was issued by the the work committee in the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA).

In a statement issued on Friday, Dar Al-Ifta said that the UNSMIL’s comments held many anti-Sharia points, adding that such comments didn’t respect the privacy of the Libyan people and their religion and held direct advising for not following Islamic Sharia.

Dar Al-Ifta said that the UN mission compared the draft to international standards and considered some constitution articles to be violations of the international community laws and Libya’s international commitments.

It added that such doings are severe intervention in the Libyan identity that constitution should maintain.

The UNSMIL demanded prioritizing international laws to constitution and local laws, the statement said.

A comment for the mission over article 16 said that prioritizing international treaties signed by Libya over domestic legislation is a positive step; however, preferably treaties can be on a par with the Constitution, rather than the constitution being above Libya’s international commitments. Although it may be understood that many countries prefer to maintain the constitution as the supreme law of the state.