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Saleh and some HoR members call for releasing Raied

Ageela Saleh makes intense communications for releasing Raied - Internet

The president of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ageela Saleh, made intense communications with number of official bodies for the release of Misrata representative, Mohamed Raied.

The media consultant for the president of the House of Representatives (HoR), Fathy Al-Mariamy, said that they held many meetings and communications with official entities, elders and notables in Tobruk for the release of Raied, according to the Libya news agency.

Al-Mariamy confirmed that Raied is well, and visited by number of sheiks, elders and notables who checked on his health condition, he will be back to the HoR headquarter in the coming hours, according to Al-Mariamy.

On anther hand, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the city of Sabha, south Libya, condemned the abduction of Raied.

The chamber urged the members of the HoR to stress on releasing Raied immediately and secure his return to the General Union of the Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Agriculture to carry on his original work.

The chamber said, in a statement, that the HoR is responsible for the delay of releasing Raied.

Raied was abducted by an armed group in Tobruk, because two from Mnefa tribe are detained in Misrata for 11 years for bringing drugs through the sea port of Misrata.

The group moved Raied to Bir Al-Ashab, 73 km from Tobruk, away from any communications or attempts to set him free.