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Eleven CDA members suspend their membership

The 11 members refuse the outcomes from the CDA - Internet

Eleven members at the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA) suspended their membership and announced their refusal to all outcomes of the commission.

The 11 members said in a common statement, Thursday, that they refuse any outcomes from the CDA, they represent regions from South, East and West of Libya.

The statement followed the approval of the CDA on number of constitutional articles proposed by a work committee.

“Our country is facing severe circumstances, and Libyan people are waiting for the Constitutional Drafting Assembly to finish the national consensual constitution that represents all Libyans, and confirms the unity of Libya, accomplish justice, equality and prosperity”. The statement said.

They mentioned that they faced many attempts to impose tribalism and regional interests in drafting the constitution on the expense of building modern state based on equality, justice and citizenship rights.

“The assembly steered away from its targets in building national constitution that gathers all Libyans, even the unity of Libya is questioned by some inside the CDA. Some members insist on the division of the state to three regions and three capitals”. Members said.

For the these reasons, members boycott sessions of the CDA, and refuse all of the decisions and outcomes of the commission. They appealed all national currents, parties and civil society organizations to work and correct the course of the CDA.

Signing members

1-   Al-Badry Mohamed Al-Sherif

2-   Mohamed Abdel Qader Altoomy

3-   Salem Mohamed Kashlaf

4-   Abdel Basset Al-Hady Alnaas

5-   Daw Al-Mansoury Awn

6-   Eatemad Omar

7-   Al-Araby Al-Sherif Swesy

8-   Mohamed Al-Hady Al-Sary

9-   Saleh Mohamed Shaker

10-                 Mohamed Abdullah Lagha

11-                 Salah Uddin Osman Abu-Khzam