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Tunisia dismantles IS cell 


Tunisian authorities said, Wednesday, that it dismantled Islamic State cell, helps youth to travel to Syria and Libya to join the group.

Tunisia announced emergency, since last November, after the IS suicidal affiliate bombed presidential guards bus and killed 12 persons. That attack followed two major attacks against tourists, last year, adopted by the Islamic State.

The interior ministry said terrorism crimes unit arrested nine jihadi elements in Benzert city, accused of recruiting youth.

The ministry said that the detainees confessed they recruited fighters to travel to Sirte in Libya to join the IS, in coordination with fighters in Libya and Syria. Tunisia is concerned from violence inside Libya where the IS expanded and exploited chaos occurred because of disputes between the two competing governments. The IS is seeking to expand to other parts in North Africa.

The Libyan commander of crossing point with Tunisia in Ras Ejedir crossing, Muhammed Jarrafa, denied what was circulated across social media sites about closing Ras Ejedir crossing between Libya and Tunisia.

He added, Wednesday “traffic is natural between both countries. Situation is calm only for some hours due to curfew imposed from 10 pm to 5 am the next day”.

Some social media sites said that Tunisia decided to close the land crossing between Libya and Tunisia, which wasn’t confirmed from neither side.