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Kobler: PA is the only resolution for Libya


The United Nations special representative to Libya, Martin Kobler, said that the Political Agreement (PA) between the Libyan factions is the only resolution for Libya.

He added, Wednesday, that Shkirat accord is valid since last December, and it is time for implementation. He mentioned that he has the authority and keenness to respect the political accord and everyone has to respect it.

“the supreme council of the state has to discuss the situation. Time is vital in the process of achieving stability. Political powers are discussing the Libyan political accord”, Kobler said.

Kobler said that the constitutional amendment should follow in the second step after the adoption of the agreement by the House of Representatives (HoR), politicians should consider interests of the Libyan people.

“Libya is rich state, since 2011, money decreased in the Central Bank, if politicians didn’t implement the agreement as soon as possible, the situation would deteriorate further”, Kobler said.