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Haftar and Abusahmain … The beginning of the end


By: Omar Elkeddi*

On Tuesday night, Nuri Abusahmain appeared wearing military

Omar Elkeddi
Omar Elkeddi

clothes in a military show in Tripoli, side to side with Salah Badi, who burned down Tripoli International Airport. It was hours after leaks about European considerations to applying sanctions on Abusahmain and Khalifa Al-Ghweil for hindering the Political Agreement signed in Skhirat. Then, Tripoli rebels’ battalion, led by Haitham Al-Tajouri, issued a statement pretending to be of Sharia like if its writer was Al-Sadek Al-Ghriany. The statement said that no political agreement will be accepted unless it was accepted by Libya’s scholars and is in line with Sharia.

The European Union hasn’t issued any sanction yet, but rabbits already freaked out and changed its skins to assert that it fears nothing while saying good bye to years of spoils and powers.

Someone like Haitham Al-Tajouri, who gained hundreds of millions, won’t go back for the small bus he used to transport people in, in Tripoli. Abusahmain won’t go back for sitting on a chair beside Beleid in Zuwara.

Surely, years of irreverence have passed and the worst has ended. This doesn’t mean security and stability will happen suddenly; more blood will be shed before this happens. Before the Government of National Accord (GNA) enters Tripoli, there will be armed conflicts to end militias that aren’t willing to have strong government in the city, but a puppet like Abusahmain, who they scold and picture his scandals.

The smart is who uses the chance to go unpunished. If sanctions list starts with Abusahmain and Al-Ghweil, it won’t stop there; it will contain others including Salah Badi, Haitham Al-Tajouri, Al-Sadel Al-Gheriany and Ageela Saleh.

Since most Libyans and armed groups are pro-agreement, opponents won’t succeed in hindering the Political Agreement, they will pay for standing against people’s will. They don’t understand that Libya Dawn is totally disintegrated and only some lunatics remain like Badi and his similar.  In the same time, it is hard to convince someone like Abusahmain that the game is over, he needs treatment for addiction to powers that science proved that it is like cocaine addiction.

On the other hand, accusations launched by the spokesperson of


the Libyan Army and Dignity Operation, Mohamed Al-Hejazi, won’t fade easily. Despite investigations Ageela ordered, it is the start of the end for retired General Khalifa Haftar, especially that commander of air force, Saqr Al-joroushi, said that Haftar ordered one of his sons to buy weapons from abroad since he trusts him only. Haftar’s son isn’t a member of the military; he is only a leader of a militia. Weapons embargo won’t be lifted off the Libyan army; major countries will require deposing Haftar.

Haftar doesn’t only have problems with the international community, but some tribes from Cyrenaica too. If Al-Hejazi was assassinated before investigations end, his Tribe, Al-Dresa, will go after Haftar.

Designating Colonel Al-Mahdy Al-Barghathy for defense ministry will confuse Haftar’s arrangements; especially Al-Hejazi went to Al-Barghathy’s battalion, tanks 204, for protection.

Any clashes between Haftar and Al-Barghathy will end with Al-Awageer tribe being in line of Al-Barghathy away from the stance of ‘Alhodour’ in Cyrenaica, who most of them are against Haftar. Will Haftar and his group soon join the sanctions list like Abusahmain?

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source