Home News Two tribes in Surman sign a deal for reconciliation

Two tribes in Surman sign a deal for reconciliation

Shershary children are still abducted in Sabratha - Internet

The media spokesman for Libya Elders council for reconciliation, Ibrahim Rashed, said that the two tribes, Al-Mahajeeb and Shershary, in Surman city signed a deal based on the stated conditions including the release of all detainees from Sabratha city.

“In complementation for the charter signed last Saturday between elders from Al-Mahajeeb and Shershary tribes, after the visit of members from the Elders Council, the signed deal was completed between both parties despite the attack occurred, Saturday night”, Rashed told Libya Al-Mostakbal Website.

The council commended those who contributed to dissolve disputes and end fighting between both parties, especially Sabratha for their understanding, avoiding un-wise decisions that might have caused dire consequences and giving chance to the elders and notables to find a solution without reserving to power.

Al-Nemry Al-Mahjoob family vowed to cooperate with security bodies in Surman to find the abducted children of Shershary family.