Home Reports Raied abducted in Tobruk for detainees in Misrata

Raied abducted in Tobruk for detainees in Misrata

Raied joined the HoR for the first time after boycoting it - Internet

LIBYAPROSPECT – Tobruk – Tripoli

Armed group from the Mnefa tribe in the eastern side of Libya abducted the member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Mohamed Raied, in Tobruk, because two from the tribe are detained in Misrata for 11 years for bringing drugs through the sea port of Misrata, sources said.

The group moved Raied to Bir Al-Ashab, 73 km from Tobruk, away from any communications or attempts to set him free.

The two detainees are Awad Ibrahim and Abdel Salam Fath-Allah Fayez; they can’t be released even with direct orders from the general prosecutor.

Related sources told LIBYAPROSPECT that one of the kidnapper is the father of one detainee.

Although the head of media department at the House of Representatives (HoR), Abdallah Bleheeg, denied the abduction, but close source from Raied told LIBYAPROSPECT that he tried to contact Raied on his cellphone but another person replied saying Raied is to stay for a while until the release of the two detainees in Misrata.

Bleheeg confirmed that the accident is just an act from youth, demanding the release of their relatives in Misrata without committing any forcible arrest.

Raied is one of the boycotters of the HoR until the adoption of the Government of National Accord (GNA). He joined the HoR after the latest results of the political agreement, and to discuss the GNA proposal that was formed by the Presidency Council. Other HoR boycotters joined the HoR too, for the same reason.