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GNC withdrew membership from 12 members


The General National Congress (GNC) withdrew memberships of 12 members for their absence from more than 8 sessions.

The members are; Muhammed Manfy, Nezar Kawan, Munsef Howail, Marey Raheel, Naji Mukhtar, AbdelKareem Al-Gaiash, Albde Jalil Al-Zahi, Salah Meto, Fawzy Al-Eqab, Muhamed Samoud, Salah Hassan, Alaa Al-Megariaf.

A member of the GNC said that the decision is based on political not legal backgrounds, as the GNC excluded political opponents who are not consistent with political views of the GNC presidency.

He added that some members from eastern Libya couldn’t attend sessions due to difficult security circumstances, while other members are affiliated to armed groups, and though the GNC didn’t withdraw their membership.