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Leon says Libya is a failed state


The former United Nations envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, said that Spain wasn’t aware that the Islamic State (IS) threat is very close to its land, adding that Libya is a failed state and will be so for long time, according to Spanish Website Le No Onformasyun

“Conflicts inside Libya deepened gaps in the region, what made it a failed state”, Leon said.

Leon said that the formation of the Government of National Accord (GNA), under the political efforts of the United Nations, is a “victory for peace option, which is the only solution to the Libyan crisis, and the corner stone for the anticipated state of law that separates between entities, which came after months of negotiations and international talks between Libyan parties”.

Leon stressed that the doors are always open for those who refused the accord, to actively participate in the political solution chosen by most of Libyan factions to end the Libyan crisis.

“Libya needs intelligence, coordination and training, the international community should be aware of what is needed by that Arabian country”.

It is important to remember that last November was hard time for o Leon, after a series of events raised questions about his objectivity and integrity in running the UN sponsored talks to reach the political agreement.

Leon, whose term ended last September, earned a £35,000-a-month job offer in an Emirati government-funded think-tank. Such contract traced some accusations to Leon of being biased to one camp of the Libyan rivals that Emirates support.

The Guardian published the news accompanied with excerpts from e-mails between Leon and Emirati foreign minister, Abdullah bin Zayed, that include backroom information of the Libyan political talks and negotiations about the future job.