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God’s laws should work for Tawergha as for Wersheffana


Skeikh Osama Mustafa Al-Triky wrote an article about the

Osama Mustafa Al-Triky
Osama Mustafa Al-Triky

resettlement of residents of Tawergha city after being displaced in 2011. Residents were then moved to camps in Tripoli and Benghazi in fear of revenge against them.

Al-Triky is from Misrata, he is well-known and the son of one of Libya’s scholars; Shiekh Mustafa Al-Triky. He wrote this article which LIBYAPROSPECT translates for its readers.

Al-Triky started his article by referring to the accident of the fall of a helicopter in Almaya area in Wersheffana two months ago. He says that, regrettably, some of who are known to be of Sharia people tried to push cities into fight. The stance of the military council of Misrata was great and compatible with Allah’s laws and far from unfairness or recklessness. The spokesperson said that they refused movements to attack Wersheffana unless after the following steps:

1-   Investigations about reasons of helicopter fall

2-   Identifying personalities of who caused the helicopter’s fall, if was downed on purpose.

3-   In case those involved refused to voluntarily turn themselves in.

The military council didn’t decide to attack Wersheffana then investigate the incident like unjust wanted; as no mind or religion accept this inverted logic.

Al-Triky adds that he was happy with that decision. “I then said that if we reached this good doing and fairness by Allah’s guidance, may Allah guide us to implement it too with our Muslim people in Tawergha. Any Muslim who is aware of Islam principles, or any sane person has knowledge about justice will certainly know that fairness is the resettlement of Tawergha people in their city before investigating a crime, and whoever is convicted shall then be held accountable by himself. If the damaged forgave-which is better-we would too”.

He exclaimed that which Sharia people found that people of Tawergha should remain homeless till investigations end and all problems are resolved!

He added that “I haven’t heard of this inverted logic in Islam Sharia or any other”. Sharia doesn’t allow evacuating old people and children of their homes with no accusations till investigations end.

Al-Triky adds, after these long and painful years of torture and humiliation for our neighbors in Tawergha, I call on my people in the dear Misrata and its military council to deal with them by Allah’s laws and open the door of mercy and forgiveness, letting the willing Tawerghans to come back in their cities without obstacles and even allowing who mayn’t be willing to help them; the state or their neighbors or who may see their suffer in the cold weather and rain and won’t rest till he helps them in fear of their prayers against the unjust.

“I spoke in Misrata Radio in June and July of 2011 in programs of “the legacy of prophet-hood” and “the Returnees”. I advised of forgiveness after the fanaticism between Misrata and Tawergha and demanded the resettlement of people of Tawergha and applying retribution only against the convicted, noting that door of forgiveness is opened in laws of Allah, the most gracious the most merciful. But anger and thrill didn’t allow responsiveness back then, so I left it all to the committees and talks to end the catastrophe. Years passed and unfairness increased while children grow amid of injustice and pain. All that, I and other own nothing but words and advise, may our efforts to stop unfairness and doing good to our neighbors make Allah do good to us, gather the hearts of Libyans and save our county from division and occupation. “Is there any Reward for Good – other than Good?” Allah said in Quran (Al-Rhaman, 60).

He concluded that “hearing this blissful news about our people in Kikla going back to their houses after reconciliation with their neighbors in Zintan. He wished that he may hear soon the news of resettling people of Tawergha, Al-Mashashia and others.