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Sabratha – Surman meets to release abductees


A member of the local council of Sabratha, Abulqasem Krir, said that a meeting was held to discuss solutions for the abduction of 26 citizens by a battalion in Surman to stress for the release of a defendant accused of kidnappings and blackmailing, most famous the case of abducting Al-Sharshary children.

The meeting aimed at holding negotiations and reaching a mechanism for releasing the abductees in addition to forming a committee from prosecutors’ general of Sabratha, Surman and Al-Zawia, as well as 3 police officers from the 3 areas and handing over the defendant in the exchange for the abductees.

The negotiations committee was formed of notables of Sabratha and Al-Mhajeeb tribe and the municipality mayor.

Krir added that it was agreed with the first group to release 30 persons were kidnapped provided that defendant Abdulbaset Sasi be handed over to Surman prosecution.

Krir said that when promises weren’t met, 26 citizens from Sabratha were kidnapped to pressure the handover of the defendant to Surman prosecution general.

The next day, families were informed of the meeting’s results, they demanded the speedy carry out of the proposed plan and handing over the defendant to authorities and releasing the abductees.