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Mitig confounds the planned British roles in Libya

Mitig refuses the presence of British forces in Libya - Internet


While refusing the British offer of sending troops to Libya, the deputy Prime Minister in the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord, Ahmed Mitig, described the British role in Libya in 2011 of doubling Britain’s mistakes in Iraq

Mitig noted that the intervention against Gaddafi forces was right, but Britain doubled its mistakes in Iraq when its air forces aided deposing Gaddafi and didn’t resume its help to Libya.

He demanded investigations about the period after British, American and French forces presented aids to Libya. He added that Libya then was thought to have strong institutions which didn’t happen due to the authoritarian rule that lasted for 42 years.

Mitig refused the presence of British forces in Libya, saying that Libya “did not need” to take up the offer of 1,000 soldiers from Britain to train Libyan troops, the Telegraph reported.

The deputy Prime Minister added that Western help was welcomed in terms of “logistical and technical support”. Most Libyans would not accept the presence of foreign troops on their soil, he elaborated.

Britain said that its troops would only be involved in training missions rather than involving in fighting, which Mitig said will harm Libyans’ dignity.

“This is highly sensitive for Libyans and we prefer to look after the Libyan soil ourselves”, he told the Telegraph. “At the moment I don’t think we could accept that, although we do view the British as our friends and allies.”

“If all Libyans work together to fight the Islamic State (IS), we can give an example to the whole world that they can be defeated by Libyans”, he added.