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The Corruption


Osama El-Gleab* has written his remarks about Libya’s history

Osama El-Gleab
Osama El-Gleab

with corruption on his Facebook official page. LIBYAPROSPECT translated the article in English for its readers.

El-Gleab said we usually hear that Libya is one of the most corrupted countries; it is on the bottom of the corruption indications lists. He said that simple thinking leads to thinking of money and contracts, but the truth we live without understanding suggests that we are corrupted in everything. The corruption in money and contracts is a natural result of the prevailing corruption. The more severe symptoms are the more corruption there is.

El-Gleab raises a question about everything in Libyans’ lives in the society; is everything true and honest? Or is everything we see just fake and corrupted and we try to hide it?

The biggest question now; is it really everything real or it is all acting, imitation and colors. Is honesty indication among Libyans high with family, neighbors and our country? Are we sure of the solidity of our principal or can we argue without anger?

The writer noted to the existence of a general line for quality control, system and education that can produce better society and better people. He adds that “is money we make the gross of providing good services that we can be proud of and speak out of cleverness in education in schools, universities, hospitals, police stations, and all institutions? Is the way to high posts controlled by efficiency and skills or the country have been a prey for all sorts of violence and corruption and various sorts of exploitation and stealing?”.

El-Gleab adds that details are plenty and all should be calm and true to themselves, they must speak of their illnesses in details with ourselves and Allah too. All should cooperate and think of arranged and abiding steps and how to get ready on the human and intellectual levels.

“How can we make our countries, houses, and ourselves more organized and in better shape? What is the way that countries succeeded to do and what should be mended and how to be responsible?

We are amid a catastrophe that we try to recover from, otherwise we will be pulled to the black hole. The key is honesty and not to be unfair to ourselves by using violence and corruption. We should teach and help ourselves, be more merciful and improve our brains as Allah hasn’t created us to corrupt lands.

*A Libyan Writer