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Is Haftar-Controversy over after Al-Hejazi remarks?

Al-Hejazi accuses Haftar of standing behind beheadings - Internet


The split of the spokesperson of the Libyan army, Mohamed Al-Hejazi, from his leader, the retired general Khalifa Haftar, has shocked many of Haftar and Dignity Operation supporters, while refreshed his opponents.

Al-Hejazi accused Haftar and his suite of corruption and waste of military money. But the more scandalous is the clear accusations to Haftar and his circle of destroying Benghazi, killing, kidnapping and rape.

The most thrilling and shocking is the accusations to the Haftar-led-military of standing behind the beheadings. Al-Hejazi also accused him of trying to assassinate him through his followers in his close circle.

Such event is seen by Dignity Operation and Haftar opponents as a delicate surgery that may suddenly stop war in Benghazi. The leader in Justice and Building party, Abdulrazag El-Aradi says surprises aren’t over yet, describing the event as the surgery that will change the power balances in Benghazi.

Practical expectations of probable alliances equations changes in Benghazi exist, especially after Al-Hejazi uncovered that Haftar asked Martin Kobler to be appointed as a Defense Minister and army leader. Kobler judged the matter as being out of his competency. Here, it became nonsense for Haftar to accuse the Presidency Council and the Government of National Accord of being under foreign guardianship.

The Supreme Commander of Army and Chief of the House of Representatives, Ageela Saleh, decided to form a committee under the defense committee chief in the HoR and the membership of HoR treasury committee chief, chief of military intelligence and military prosecutor-general to investigate Al-Hejazi remarks on Thursday.

As Alwasat reported, the decision permitted listening to whoever remarks may be needed and presenting a report including results and recommendations. The decision obliged military men to discipline, maintaining the unity of leadership and ranks and banning media appearances unless under orders.

Al-Hejazi remarks that held first sudden attacks against Haftar appeared on “Watan Al-Karama” TV channel on Thursday. The channel is known for its support for the army, its leadership and Haftar. Remarkably, the channel repeated the remarks on its screen. In a prolonged speech, Al-Hejazi accused Haftar of embezzlement and misuse of post and “stealing money for himself and his sons in Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan”, “he prolongs the clash in Benghazi and doesn’t feel people’s suffer”.

Everybody now wants to know what will happen after. Observers wonder what will happen to Haftar after these remarks. Will he return to America as some implied including Abdulrazag El-aradi? Some believe that the current events won’t be in the good of the government, especially as Haftar is a big obstacle ahead of some members of the Presidency Council who was described by some members of being a red line. Is he still after these remarks?