Home News 3 Libyans Killed by IS in Noufliyah

3 Libyans Killed by IS in Noufliyah

Kobler: Terrorism is Libya's common enemy - Internet

The United Nations envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, expressed his “shock and revulsion” by the killing of the three Libyans by elements of the Islamic State (IS) in Noufliyah.

Kobler added, via his Twitter account “Terrorism is Libya’s common enemy”. He previously warned that all Libyans suffer tremendously.

“I appeal all politicians to expedite the political process in order not to prolong citizens suffering”, Kobler said.

Marada municipal council provided condolences to families of the martyrs abducted and killed by the IS in Noufliyah.

It said “all abducted youth has no connection to any political current. They only volunteered to guard headquarter of the Turkish company that carries out establishments of roads linking Libyan coast and Marada”.