Home Reports Ras Lanouf fires reach electricity transmission lines

Ras Lanouf fires reach electricity transmission lines


Firemen teams kept efforts, on Friday, to extinguish fires broke out in a number of oil storage tanks in Ras Lanouf, because of an attack by the Islamic State group (IS), on Thursday, while a number of electricity towers fell in the area due to fires.

Sources in the electricity company said that a number of electricity towers and transmission lines of voltage 400 kv near Ras Lanouf in the oil crescent area damaged due to fires in the line connecting Amal oil field and Essidra area.

The Islamic State group (IS) claimed an attack on the oil crescent area on Thursday that caused fires in 4 oil storage tanks.

Electricity lines 400kv connecting Ras Lanouf and Al-Khaleej stations and lines of 220kv reaching Brega and Sirte were severely damaged due to fire.

A security source said that firemen teams kept efforts to put out fires started on Thursday. He added that fire reached 4 oil tanks that contain nearly 2 million barrels of crude oil.

“One oil tank went out of control and was evacuated; we wait its full devastation in any moment. We are now working on the other 3 tanks”, he elaborated.