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Kobler: Political process should unite Libyans

Kohler: Politics should be faster than the army - Internet

The United Nations envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, asked Libyan politicians to bear their responsibilities towards their country’s future and the new government, stressing that the political process should proceed any military intervention to unit the country.

Kobler added, in press conference in Rome “we, the United Nations, are closely following the process, but it is Libyans’ responsibility at the end”.

“We have more than one incentive to continue the process. The first is the expansion of the Islamic State (IS) comes at time of creating new political game. Disputes over the accord help achieve the IS goals. Political divisions are in the group’s favor and help it control more swaths everyday”, Kobler said.

He mentioned that all Libyan politicians should be aware of that fact. Kobler expressed his hope that “the political process would proceed the military; and politics should be faster than the army”.

The second factor is the deteriorating humanitarian situation facing all citizens, as “4.5 million persons, from 6 million, need humanitarian aid. 60% of Benghazi schools are closed, 20% of schools across Libya are closed”.

Kobler mentioned that “hospitals lack equipment and medicines. Beside that oil production has reduced, most rich migrated outside Libya, so poor Libyans only have unbearable situations in the wake of miserable economic situation”.

Meantime, Kobler confirmed that they are working on establishing humanitarian corridors to get needed aid to the Libyans.