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Each country has its own way


Libyan writer and diplomat, Ibrahim Mousa Grada, said in an

Ibrahim Grada
Ibrahim Grada

article, that after the announcement of the formation of the Government of National Accord (GNA), and despite the well known relevant circumstances, some only focus on the size of the government and its 32 ministries.

He added, on his Facebook page, LIBYAPROSPECT is translating here, “without mentioning any incomes, backgrounds, circumstances of forming the government, which are well know for everyone, and without even evaluating the matter, it is awkward that some only focus on the size of the government to take a specific stance”.

“some provide evidences and examples to prove that the government is big, which is true, using examples from stable and democratic developed countries, unlike our known situation”, Grada said.

But after surfing the internet, Garada mentioned that the Tunisian government includes 28 minister, Algeria 39 ministers, Egypt 34 ministers, Lebanon 31 ministers, Jordan 28 ministers, Serbia 32 ministers, Croatia 27 ministers, Tanzania 34 ministers, South Africa 35 ministers, Burundi 29, Sri Lanka 52 ministers, Nigeria 54 ministers, Uganda 32 ministers beside 47 state ministers, China 12 members of presidency council, 25 ministries from 76 ministries and general commissions, and in India 36 ministers and 37 state ministers.

Concerning the government list, Grada said, in Sweden, there are 34 ministers, divided as followed:

  • Prime Minister
  • Vice Prime Minister, strategic development and cooperation with north countries minister.
  • Education and scientific research ministry, that includes three ministers: education, higher education, middle education, adult education and training.
  • Health and social affairs ministry, includes three ministers: social welfare, children, elder and equality between genders, public heath and sports.
  • Foreign ministry, includes two ministers: foreign, international cooperation.
  • Minister if defence
  • Minister of culture and democracy
  • Minister of labor
  • Ministry of projects and innovation, includes four ministers: projects and innovation, infrastructure, housing and rural development, Information Technology and Integrated Rural Development.
  • Ministry of environment and energy, includes two ministers: environment, energy
  • Finance ministry, includes three ministers: finance, public administration, Financial markets and Consumer Affairs.
  • Justice ministry, includes two ministers: justice, local affairs.

United Kingdom, according to Grada, has its special way of governance, it has 22 governmental ministers beside 9 participant ministers. The government is divided into many departments and divisions led by ministers of state ministers or secretary generals. Treasury department has six ministers. Interior department has eight. Commonwealth and foreign has seven. Justice has seven. Defence has six. Labor and retirement has six. Health has six. Common council affairs have two. Lords has two. International development has five. Education has seven. Transportation has five. North Ireland affairs has two. Environmental, nutrition and rural areas has three. Societies and local governments has five. Finance and exporting has two. Scotland affaires has two. Energy and climate has three. Public prosecution has two. Scottish attorney general has one. Wales affairs has three. Presidency of government bureau has eight. Culture, media and sports has five.

Grada said that size and division argument does not hold up so much, as a proof for the imbalance in the composition of the government, given that any council of ministers reflects the political circumstances and requirements of the process.

Hence, what is important and required within current Libyan tough situation is to focus on how to get out of our crisis, and the role of every national? It doesn’t mean immunity from objective criticism. The door is always open for opinion and efforts to get the nation out of its crisis.