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Al-Hejazi announces his defection from Haftar

Al-Hejazi accuses Haftar of corruption and that he wasted the money of the Libyan army - Internet


Mohamed al-Hejazi, the spokesman of the leader of the Libyan army, the retired General Khalifa Haftar, announced his defection from the Libyan army in Benghazi. He accused Haftar and his circle of corruption, and that they wasted the money of the army by bribing people, and by buying flats and properties in Egypt. He said that Haftar did not know what was going on in the battlefields, and that he caused the mass displacement of the people of Benghazi, he is responsible for the mass destruction in Benghzi.

Al-Hejazi said that when the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, visited Haftar in the last couple of weeks, Haftar used the Libyan army in his pursuit for his political interests; he said that the army should not be involved in politics.

Al-Hejazi said that in the long history of the Libyan army, since it was formed in the 1950s, the army has never been involved in politics, but Haftar used the army to get himself involved in politics.

He said that Haftar asked Kobler to appoint him as the leader of the Libyan army and the Minister of Defence (MoD) for the Government of National Accord, but Kobler told him that it is not up to him to appoint the MoD but it is the job of the Presidential Council (PC).

Al-Hejazi said that as he is an army officer, he does not mind who is in government, he is a soldier and is not involved in politics, but he respects his honoured leading officers, he said that he is angered by Haftar, because the army must not be involved in politics. Haftar began to divide the divided and make the situation worse, Haftar created a social rift, Al-Hejazi said.

When speaking to media channels, Al-Hejazi accused Haftar and his circle of the killings, kidnappings, forced disappearances, raping, and oppressing the people. He raises the question “do you know that there are beheadings under the name of the Libyan army?”

Al-Hejazi said that he was targeted by assassins on Wednesday, under the orders of Hafter.

Al-Hejazi called on the honoured army officers like, Wanis Bokhamada, El-Mahdy El-Barghathy and Jamal El-Zahawi, to lead the army, assuring that there will be a meeting to gather the honoured army officers in the eastern side of Libya, who are under the leadership of Colonel El-Mahdy El-Bargathy, he said that in these meetings, Haftar will be excluded.

Al-Hejazi then said that it is time for him to speak out and to let Haftar know that he opposes him and his crimes, he described Haftar as a tyrant, and expressed his regret for previously describing Haftar as valiant.