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Two-headed-ship sinks


By: Omar Elkeddi*

Before announcing the formation of the Government of National

Omar Elkeddi
Omar Elkeddi

Accord, disagreements found the way into its parties; in the beginning, the disagreement was on the 8th article of the Political Agreement that allows the Prime Minister to reconsider all supreme civilian and military posts after 20 days of signing. The two eastern area PM deputies insisted on amending or canceling the article. Ali Al-Qatrany, whose chosen by Khalifa Haftar for this position with the mission of defending him and maintaining his position as a chief of staff. As for Fathy Al-Magbary, chosen by Ibrahim Jadhran, he didn’t find another way than agreeing with Al-Qatrany. The 8th article was frozen to please Haftar who turned into a red line, exactly like the ones imposed by Seif Gaddafi before his fingers were amputated.

After the conflict passed, by Al-Sarraj’s compromise, another one broke out about distribution of ministries. The representatives of the east insisted on having the Defense Ministry to guarantee that Haftar will be able to choose the minister.

Al-Sarraj disagreed with Ahmed Mitig about the Foreign Ministry, which the 2 representatives to choose its minister. For the representatives of the south, they insisted to have the ministries of oil and water resources as both come from south. In each disagreement, Al-Qatrany suspends his participation in the meetings, like any loyal soldier to his leader.

Ministries were distributed on the 3 provisions, regardless of number of population in each one. Disagreement will start between Al-Magbry and Al-Qatrany around naming the ministers, mostly they will split them, so that Haftar and Jadhran can name their ministers. In this way, Cyrenaica was split into white Cyrenaica and red Cyrenaica regardless of population numbers in both areas.

South ministries are split evenly between Arab, Tuareg and Tabu, regardless of the great difference between the population of the 3 races and efficiency. West area ministries will be split between Misrata, Zintan and Tripoli, a ministry will be given to Tamazight. Other regions not represented in the Presidency Council will mostly be neglected.

Turning Haftar into a red line will make white Cyrenaica turn Jadhran into a red line too, which won’t be accepted in anyway, as long as he controls the oil crescent area. It was logical to decide on qualifications for posts before choosing its occupants. The post lasts, while its occupants don’t, either by sickness or death or dismissal. Customizing posts to fit people takes us back to worshipping and holding on people who can’t be held accountable. The next Defense Minister will be Haftar’s puppet, although minister is higher in rank than the military leader and chief of staff.

What is funny is that 13 municipality mayors in the eastern region visited Haftar at his leadership headquarters in Al-Marj. After they made military a red line, they demanded the military to be off politics. Military leader was the one who chose Al-Qatrany, which is a severe interference in the politics with Kobler’s knowledge and consent. The most dangerous is that these quotas won’t only be applied in the GNA, but in all future governments and will contribute to the disintegration of national unity and turning conflicts on between tribes and regions

Al-Sarraj, if veto wasn’t used against him, will try to please other marginalized areas through choosing deputy ministers from there, which will be divided by the same quota. A western minister will have 2 eastern and southern deputy ministers. In this way the government is magnified and turned into a government of favoritism and brokerage; every minister and deputy minister will designate his relatives and let other go to hell.

Haftar is behind Al-Qatrany and Jadhran and Mitig are behind Al-Magbry, while Al-Sarraj has only wall behind him like a sentenced to death. In every decision there will be disagreements and veto will be used before discussions. The government will use too much time in controversies before consensus on any decisions, while displaces and homeless wait hopelessly.

In ancient times, they said: the 2-headed-ship sinks, so what could happen with this number of captains?

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source