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32 ministries in the final GNA ministerial plan


On the early morning of Tuesday, the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord issued a decision of forming the government of 32 ministries with the names of future ministers.

Ministries were planned to be 10 only, but after disagreements about the number, as a deputy and a minister of state refused the form, it was decided to have 32 ministries.

The deputy Prime Minister, Ali Al-Qatrany, and Minister of State, Omar Al-Aswad, refused to sign due to objections on identities of some ministers.

Colonel Al-Mahdy Al-Barghathy, the commander of battalion 204 in Dignity Operation, was assigned to defense ministry. Interior ministry was offered to Aref Al-Khouga from Tripoli, he served earlier in Ali Zidan’s government.

The announcement was delayed for 48 hours before due to severe conflicts. The formation is due to be introduced to the House of Representatives (HoR) to authorize it within 10 days.