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Germany calls for achieving stability in Libya

Leyen stresses that the GNA needs urgent support to apply laws and order in Libya - Internet

The Germany’s defense minister, Ursula Von Der Leyen, said that she did not rule out deploying German troops in Libya to achieve stability.

“Germany will not be able to evade responsibility for contributing its share”, Leyen told Bild newspaper, Monday.

She added that what is important is to achieve stability inside Libya which is threatened by extremists, and to form effective government, in reference to the Government of National Accord (GNA).

She stressed that the government would need urgent support to apply laws and order.

“the Islamic State (IS) is looking to establish foothold in north Africa, and looking for contact with Boko Haram in Libya. If that happened, axis of terrorism will be established that will destabilize the whole region”, Leyen added.

Advances by Islamist militants in Libya pose a new threat to Europe and could unleash a new wave of refugees.

Leyen asked to increase defense budget, adding “German army is deployed in different tasks all over the world, when we ask all of that from our army we should first invest in its members and provide modern safe equipments”.