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Anticipated cabinet to be announced on Tuesday


Sources said that the Presidential Council (PC) may propose the cabinet ministers plan to the House of Representatives (HoR), on Tuesday.

A ten-minister cabinet was planned consisting of ministers of defense, treasury, foreign affairs, economy, planning, interior, local governing, education, health, and judiciary.

The Presidential Council has agreed on the form while identity of ministers is still a matter of controversy. Regional quota might be used for dividing the ministries, sources elaborated.

On Sunday, the PC announced postponing the uncovering of the government. The HoR chief, Ageela Saleh, held meetings with the United Nations special envoy, Martin Kobler, and boycotting HoR members to discuss the form of the government and the possibility of maintaining the presidency of army and its structure in the next government.

The HoR is scheduled to hold a session to vote on the government in the event of the PC handed over its formation. Kobler has uncovered that the government is expected to be announced within 24 hours.

He reiterated that steps to seat the government are in the convention of all members of the HoR to discuss its formation.

Saleh informed Kobler that the HoR is committed to the constitutional declaration, and that the accord would not be effective without a constitutional amendment approved by a majority of members.

Saleh stressed that the Government of National Accord won’t start working before being approved by a majority of the HoR members, and the creation of favorable conditions for the work in Tripoli.

On the meantime, the representative PC member of the Eastern area, Ali Al-Qatrany, has temporarily halted his participation in the PC for what he said to be “the lack of seriousness in dealing with demands of the Eastern region represented in supporting the army, police and all security forces fighting terrorism, guaranteeing a fair representation share for  Cyrenaica, not less than third, in all sovereign posts, and diplomatic representation in addition to founding a fund for rebuilding Benghazi, as stated in the Political Agreement”, he stated to Libyaschannel TV.

He noted that his suspension will last to partners in the PC are convinced of freezing the 8th article of the political agreement.