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Naming of unity government delayed for 48 hours

Kohler calls all parties to respect the specified time frames stated in the Political Agreement - Internet

The Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord said, Sunday, that it is confident of Libyans understanding for the need to delay announcement of the unity government for 48 hours, until the completion of all arrangements.

The Presidential Council (PC) stressed, in a statement, its keenness to announce the unity government that respond to most aspirations of Libyans who are dying to end the political division and what it caused of suffering and crisis for the state and all citizens.

The statement confirmed that since the PC’s first meeting, with the presence of all its members, and it is in permanent session to accomplish dues stated in the Libyan Political Agreement within the specified timeline.

The statement said “the PC is fully aware of seriousness of the current phase, and seeking to accomplish its first mission with the biggest consensus and fair representation for all sects of society”. The PC confirmed that it went long and important way in that direction.

From his side, the United Nations envoy, Martin Kobler, expressed his regret of the Presidential Council decision to delay the announcement of the unity government, adding “Libya can wait no more”.

He called all parties to respect specified time frames stated in the Political Agreement, as only Libyans who will suffer from delay consequences.

Kobler appealed the Presidential Council to end the formation of the unity government, as soon as possible.