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Be brave Mr. Fayez Al-Sarraj


By: Khaled Mohamed Bashir*

The situations in Libya are of the more complicated in the region;

Khaled Mohamed Bashir
Khaled Mohamed Bashir

foreign intervention is close, Libya’s governors are divided, extremism is taking its toll on Libyans’ minds and Libya’s resources, the society is divided and all is on the brink.

Light appeared at the end of the tunnel and rescue came in the form of the internationally backed government of national accord, whose Presidential Council (PC) was announced and its ministers are expected to be too within the next few days.

If I was asked what I want from this government, I would ask for one something that would be great if it could pull off; going back to Tripoli and end the split on the ground so we can have one army, one central bank, and one oil corporation, it applies too on all government’s institutions. Then come all other things.

Many will oppose me, while waving a long list of demands and priorities. But I see no ability to achieve them all in the term of this government, which will be mostly lasting for short time. If it is to start working on priorities after achieving what I mentioned, let next governments complete it, that I hope will be more consensus and of longer term.

So, MR fayez Al-Sarraj, be courageous and make your opinion with whom support you inside and abroad, give a speech from heart to call Libyans to stand by you and receive you in Libya in Mitiga airport. Take your plan under media coverage and come back in the capital to start working from it. Through this way, you will embarrass all illegitimate parties and uncover how weak they are, which appeared when you visited Zliten. The visit that none of the 2 governments’ chiefs was able to make till today.

Otherwise, you and your government will be an overseas government and join the queue of governments that became longer, while hope is shrinking. And (Allah prevails in His affairs, though most people do not know).

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source