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To be the Libyan Prime Minister

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By: Omar Elkeddi*

The position of the Libyan Prime Minister has lost its prestige

Omar Elkeddi
Omar Elkeddi

since Abdulsalam Jallod resigned in 1977, unless a strong man such as Abuzeid Dorda takes the position. Any journalist was able to criticize the PM or any of his ministers without being harmed.

In fact, there was a secret parallel government, while the real government, which was called “the Popular General Committee”, was being lashed in the accountability live session in the General People’s Congress, so that people can enjoy the lashing of the government by whips of secretaries of the Basic Peoples conferences.

The post of the Prime Minister or “the Public General Committee secretary” was created for the purpose of catharsis. The last try to re-considerate the government was when Shokry Ghanem was appointed as PM, he was nominated by Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi and assigned by Gaddafi in a General People’s Congress session.

Ghanem chose Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi as deputy PM to meet the desires of Gaddafi’s sons. Any way, Shokry Ghanem was fired due to pressures of the old guards and a series of conspiracies from Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi. His name turned from Shokry Ghanem to Shokry tamatem (tomatoes) after he raised its price.

Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi is said to have nagged to meet Gaddafi and all his ministers after the government failed to make a decision concerning the distribution of wealth. After several trials, Gaddafi permitted a government meeting in Sirte. They found him setting in a tent by the sea.

They stood in front of him and he ordered them “turn back”, they did and moved till their feet touched the sea water. He then ordered them to sit with their clothes wet and their faces turned to him.

Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi, chosen by Ghanem to meet Gaddafi son’s wishes, his house was broken into because he delayed a demand of a Gaddafi son. Once, he was threatened by Al-Moatasem, the other son of Gaddafi, of rape if he doesn’t send the money he wants.

Things didn’t change much after February 17th revolution; Abdulraheem Al-Keeb was attacked more than once in the government headquarters. One time armed men grabbed him by his tie for not issuing their allowances. In the end of his term he said that a high authority rules the country without being courage enough to name it.

His successor, Ali Zidan, was kidnapped from his room in Corinthian hotel in his pajamas. Kidnappers messed up with all his stuff; he even said they stole his under wears. When he went to Misrata, after Gharghor clash in Tripoli, to calm the atmosphere down he was verbally assaulted and left the building in more than 15 minutes, Misrata notables couldn’t protect him.

For Abdullah Althinni, he was banned from leaving Labraq airport more than once. For being military he had to wave his gun in the face of armed men.

Fayez Al-Sarraj’s motorcade was shot after leaving Zliten to Misrata airport, unless Al-Mahjoub brigade intervened, he could have been in Zliten till now.

The next government, the Government of National Accord, will be less powerful than its predecessors, due to multiple presidents who hold the Veto right, so taking a decision will take long time in a country that is on the rim.

It will also need power on the ground to enable it to execute its decisions. As history proved, Libyans only obey the strong government that can punish the outlaws not only threatens. Till the government is able to protect itself in Tripoli first, and use the carrot and stick to pass its decisions and execute it, shall Allah be with the Prime Minister and his deputies.

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source