Home News Sirte participates in municipalities conference in Greece

Sirte participates in municipalities conference in Greece


The mayor of Sirte Municipality, Mukhtar Al-Meadany, received invitation to the Mediterranean Regional Conference of Municipalities in Greece.

Al-Meadany said that the purpose of the conference is to build global relations with participated municipalities, and discuss common interests, pointing that Sirte is participating with a paper about “humanitarian and living situations in Sirte”.

“The conference is under the auspices of European Committee for Regions, the most significant feature is the participation of Sirte, only the mayor will attend” said Al-Meadany, according to the Libyan news agency.

Number of international, European and Arabic municipals, including Paris and London, are participating in the seventh conference. Sirte Municipality is seeking to exchange experts with with participated municipalities.

This is the first international participation for Sirte Municipality after opening its headquarter at local government ministry in Al-Baida, two weeks ago.