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To my people…Libya Tamazight, once again


By: Ibrahim Grada*

My view about the Tamazight rights, is that it is genuine Libyan

Ibrahim Grada
Ibrahim Grada

matter. We, Libyans, are gathered by everything; history, present and the future of our nation, we are all Libyans. Most of us speak Arabic language, some speak Tamazight language and others speak Tabu language.

In this critical time and after, tough labors, Libya’s Tamazight, like all Libyans, have to benefit from the experience of previous years, and not to leave a space for revenge-oriented to impose their strange agendas and extremist illusions.

They have to be as they were known historically, an interaction positive and national factor to save the nation and achieve its agreement and consensus, not an element of isolation, division and fighting. Those minority chauvinists don’t mind a whole destruction for seeing the blazes of their illusions fire up.

Because Libya is ours all and our responsibility, we will find nothing but understanding and support in our brothers’ demands of the Tamazight rights fair.

The motives behind these lines are neither narrow nor racist, it is in the size of nation and the depth of its crisis. I know, like happened before, I will be attacked by minority of revenged-oriented who want to monopolize patriotic and Tamazight correctness, those with their terrorism and threat have frightened people of speaking up. But it is Libya that matters most.

*A Libyan Writer and Diplomat

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source