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Women activists meet the PC in Tunisia

Kohler: The role of women in peace and security is of paramount importance - Internet

A group of female activists have met, on Tuesday, with the Presidential Council (PC) on the margins of a workshop that was started on Monday in Tunisia, to discuss the powers of women empowerment unit affiliated to the Presidential Council.

The members represent women groups and activists all around Libya. The first deputy of the House of Representatives chief (HoR), Emhmd Shuaib, and the HoR member, Almabrouk Alkhttaby, attended the opening in Tunisia.

The special United Nations representative in Libya, Martin Kobler, said in his speech at the opening session, “The role of women in peace and security is of paramount importance. Women constitute half of the society, as they suffer most; their sons die every day in battles and their families tear apart by the conflict and their personal safety is endangered by continued mindless violence and lawlessness”

“It is essential that the Libyan women play a major role at this important juncture in the history of Libya”, he added, expressing his full support for their role in reconstructing Libya.

He said he will forward four demands to the PC and the Prime Minister to call for the development of Libyan women in key positions that are maintain women’s quota in the Government of National Accord (GNA) of 30%, creating the PC affiliates unit of empowering women, as soon as possible, representing women appropriately in all the committees of the Libyan political dialogue, and there must be a coordinator for Women’s Affairs at the Presidential Council.